Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Week In Instagram (Week # 74)

This week was a short week--we had Monday off--but it felt so long. My Disney trip already feels like months ago, but it was only two weeks.

And I spent a lot of quality time with my clarinet this week.


Sunday Run Day

Red, sweaty, and satisfied after 7.5 miles.

Hello, Lizard!

A long run means a nice lie-down with Netflix. And a nap.

I made yummy stuff on Monday.

And a big mess.

Curried zucchini soup.

Sold some DVDs at Dimple Records.

And gagged delicately over the maple bacon lollipops. 

It was a glorious morning for a run.

How excited was I to put this away in a file cabinet?

I found these in the pile on my desk--warm-up and
performance plans for our Heritage performance. 

Tuesday night, playing for the Shrek orchestra.

Another evening, another rehearsal.


Four miles on Thursday, my last run before tomorrow's 10K.

Yet another creative shot of my clarinet.

How I'm spending some of my weekend. Excited!

Sometimes, you just need Jamba Juice.

Wearing my awesome new choir hoodie.

Dress rehearsal for Shrek. 

That's it. Nothing today. I'm too tired from packing up my bedroom, all the late nights, all the running, etc. etc. etc.

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