Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #73)

Yeah, so this is more than a week, it's a week plus two days, and I probably won't do a Week in Instagram post this coming weekend because it's Spring Break and I'm recovering from my choir tour.

Also, all those Week in Instagram posts where I say I was busy? I wasn't busy. This week was busy. And hectic. And crazy. And fun.


Shadow of a runner who had just completed 6.5 miles.

The bees were here.

Mom worked in her garden.

So did the bees.


Duchess loves her mom.

The living room.

At Sac Choral.

Student elections week. Huh.

A wonderful gift from my PEST at school. 

I put this on my white board.

Imagine my surprise (and mild dismay) when the minivan I ordered was,
instead, a massive Suburban. But I handled it!



Outside my classroom, bright and early on Thursday morning. 

Dorky High School Choir Teacher (I wasn't driving, we were parked).

The view from my hotel room.

Newport Beach, California

Everyone is welcome at the beach.



Of course I put these up on Instagram!!

Those light sabers would come in handy more than once.

At California Adventure

When I was little, we left Disneyland with Yours Truly crying, "We didn't
ride Dumbo!!!" the whole way out. Dad's shocked I didn't ride it this

Lunch at the Blue Bayou.

Souvenir light-up ice cube.

Haunted Mansion!

The Matterhorn

These days, the balloons light up.


Proud Teacher. : )

Brought a little magic home. Happy to be home!!!

Disneyland swag. I also bought two hoodies, one t-shirt, and some
shortbread cookies.

LOVE this.

This is for my office.

Best souvenir by far. I lost my 23-year-old Mickey watch last summer, and
I was really, really sad. So I bought myself a new one. Love it.

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