Wednesday, April 30, 2014


My dresser is in my bathroom.

My pillows are on my the living room.

The contents of my bookcases are in the kitchen.

I'm not entirely sure where I left my shoes.

I'm sitting here typing this at the dining room table. My view if I look up is my TV, some tall cabinets from Mom's craft room, and other assorted odds and ends. Millie has been wandering around with a semi-panicked look on her face, meowing at me. I know what she's saying: "Oh, shit. We're moving again, aren't we?" I keep telling her, "It's temporary, sweetie. Now get out of the way so I can move this dresser into the bathroom."

Tomorrow, the well-worn carpet in my bedroom and Mom's craft room is getting ripped out, and not a moment too soon. When Mom and Dad moved here in 2006, most of the house (even the bathrooms, ew) was carpeted with a not-great quality a light color. One of the first things they did was replace it in the great room, master bedroom, and bathrooms. There's wood flooring in most of the house, and linoleum in the bathrooms.

They kept the two smaller bedrooms carpeted, though, and now, 8 years later, it is showing its age...and the traffic patterns. Recently, they decided it was time to take it out and put wood in the two small rooms, and I, for one, am excited to no longer have to deal with the carpet.

But of course, it's leaving me discombobulated.

It's only for a few days, but what a few days. I've been running around playing clarinet for the musical, teaching, doing my normal stuff, and running around, literally (three miles yesterday). It's exhausting and I can get a little cranky, but mostly, I'm just dealing. At least I get to sleep in my bed tonight and tomorrow night (Friday is questionable, as the new wood floors will have to set).

At this point, I've got one eye permanently affixed to June 1st on the calendar--it's a Sunday, it's the day after graduation, and it's a day on which I might go for a long run, but will definitely, definitely spend some time prone on my bed, admiring my new wood flooring, watching movies and sipping a margarita.

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Erik Ammon said...

mmmm...margherita...wood floors rock, too!!