Saturday, March 01, 2014

My Week In Pictures (Week #67)

This week was busy, a wee bit stressful at moments, but ultimately quite satisfying.

Wild and, as ever, Absolutely True.


Mom's camellia bush is exploding.

Lazy Sunday

This is our neighbor, Dixie. Dad keeps treats on hand
for her occasional visits. She has an excellent memory,
and she's very good at sitting for her treat. : )

Good doggie!

The student government kids are so sweet. 

My kids make me smile. 


For some reason, I only took one pic on Tuesday. It was
of a pen. Because I seriously considered the Peace
Corps a few years ago and found this pen among my things.

Green sweater, green sludge. A lot of green in my life
these days.

I had some time at school on Wednesday afternoon, so I
made a mess in my office.

I've been wanting to get rid of the table there and get a
huge bean bag chair to sit in.

Brought this small cabinet from home to keep supplies in.


Junior High Choir Night games and shenanigans.

Rehearsing with the Junior High choir teacher.

The evening was a great success.

Departing storm. 

Dad saw this cloud when he went out to get the paper,
and thought I'd like to capture it. He was right.

Clouds over a large suburban high school. 

Rain at a large suburban high school.

I stayed at school for a while to continue working in my
office. Friday was working on my choral library.

Friday night cuddles.

Colored my hair today. Black Cherry. 

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