Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #71)

The major theme for this week was Holy Snot Rag, Batman.

Meaning, I had an attack of hay fever/some weird cold/creeping crud. And I whined a lot.


No pics today. Whoops.


The one good thing about having allergies? Look how
green my eyes are when they get irritated.

Tissue, and more tissue.

I took a peppermint tea bath on Monday. IT WORKS.

Mom and Dad got back from a trip to Louisiana on Monday
night. One stop was a visit to the Tabasco factory.

Teeny, tiny Tobasco.

I guess this is a "thing" in Louisiana.

Rainy morning at a large suburban high school.

Raindrops on roses...

You probably know what's coming next.

Yup. Whiskers on kittens. 

My purse.

As I sat at Fusion, waiting for a no-show piano student,
I got a tornado warning on my phone. So I went home,
but stopped on my running path along the way because
there was a small crowd of men with cameras.

Sure enough, we saw some funnel clouds.

I went home quickly, and sat and watched the coverage
with Mom and Dad. Fortunately, no major damage, no

Bubble wrap!!!

By Thursday, I was using Halls to keep singing. 

But I was able to get out for a short run. The clouds were



A first period sub gig meant taking tea with me.

I've been seeing these on bushes and they are so very
pretty. Very soft, delicate petals.

Kleenex pack. 

Subbing (fourth period) for an art teacher. 

High school art classroom.

Bird brain?

Rainy Saturday. I finished my chores by 10:00 this morning,
and have basically been sitting on my butt ever since.

This coming week will be busy, and next week, I'm going on Choir Tour to Disneyland (so extra-crazy). Then I have Spring Break (recovery time). Then it's the end of April into May and things get insane. Yup.

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