Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #69)

I've figured out that the reason I do a Week in Instagram post each week is not because I expect people to read it (I'm a realist) but because it's so easy to forget what I did from day to day. The hashtag for this would be #busy.


In the garden

Thunder Valley Casino, as seen from Highway 65.

Going for the 40s look with my hair on Monday.

I bought this because of course I bought this.

We started this on Monday night in Sac Choral and I haven't
been so excited about a piece of music in ages.

Also excited about the Vaughn Williams.

It was a messy desk and Smells Like Teen Drama kind of

Amusing Google auto-fills.

Pretty girl on a pretty day.

My one true love, always happy to have me home.

Gorgeous day over the Sac Valley. That's Mt. Diablo
on the left, Sacramento on the right. 

The Sutter Buttes. I took this WHILE running.

First snake of the season. The harmless kind, and very
dead. But still, UGH.

How many miles today?


The poppies are popping out.

"You're home today!! WE CUDDLE!!!"

Because of midterms, I got Thursday off, but had to be at
the Large Suburban High School before the sun came up.

The Breakfast Club.

Even choir teachers give midterms.

"No, you can't sit back in your desk chair. Deal with it."

I went to the Junior High music program's pasta dinner
last night. Some of these kids will be in my program next

Raley Field this morning...race time!

Personalized bib for today's 5K.

Green socks. 

No, boys, as a matter of fact I hate personal space and I
adore being crowded by total strangers. No worries.

Red, sweaty, and super-satisfied. No, not a new best time,
but those guys who crowded me at the starting line?
I totally beat them. They were faster...but I have endurance.

Anyone else get super-annoyed by these? Five--FIVE--
on every card. I took all of them, ran after one of the
distributors and handed them to her. "These are wasted
on me." Well, honestly.

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