Sunday, March 09, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #68)

This week was busy. Just busy. Bloody busy. The theme of the week was "busy." And it's brought to you by the word "exhausted."


I was supposed to run 4.5 miles, but a wrong turn made it
5. Go me!

Junior's having a fantastic start to his season. 

Samoas on a polka-dot plate.

My friend Sarah hosted an Oscar's pajama party.

Her Pub Quiz questions were hard.

Kevin Spacey!!

Lots of polka dots.

This is Tilly. 

My kids and I are arranging "Stand By Me." 

I rarely go out to the front of campus, but subbing for a
colleague took me out past our big grizzly bear statue.

Subbing for Lynn's piano lab meant getting some lovely
practice time for myself.

Over my head at Fusion.

Pianos and running shoes. My life.

Perfect birthday card for my brother.

By Wednesday I was tired (my eyes!!) but damn, it was
a great hair day.

Putting my makeup on at work.

Yes. "It is OK to be fabulous AND flawed." 

Staring at the ceiling (and being bored during piano lessons).

My school did a St. Baldrick's event on Friday.

Sunny Friday at a large suburban high school. 

The left door is the band room. The right door is my room.

I've made a lot of changes in here. It's looking good!


I ate dinner in my car on Friday. That's just what kind of
week it was.

Sacramento at dusk.

I spy a harp. I love watching our harpist play.

In front of me, behind me.

Found this great old sign in the alley by the parking

Comic Con was happening next to the theater. I had a
costume, too. I call it Exhausted Diva.

Yep. Comic Con.

My view.
This seems to be a tradition now--the Ugly Dress and Red
Lipstick Selfie.

Tired, tired, tired, but (as my pendant says), Mischief
Tomorrow we start Carmina Burana at Sac Choral, and I can't bloody wait.

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