Saturday, January 04, 2014

A New Year Adventure, Part 7: Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

From Carlsbad, it wasn't too far to Oceanside and San Luis Rey, home to Mission San Luis Rey de Francia. We knew the mission would be closed for New Year's Day, but figured we might be able to get some outside shots and get on our way.

Turns out we could go inside, as the mission was open for mass throughout the day. The museum and shop were closed, but we got some great shots of the exterior parts. What really surprised us, however, is how lovely this mission was--it's one of the lesser-known ones, but it was truly beautiful.

Truly proud of this picture. The flags, the colors, all that bright blue and
stark white.

Mass had likely just ended; a couple of nuns were
milling around by the entrance before I took this picture.

The cemetery.

Fr. Junipero Serra

The painting in the missions is always fantastic.

And the altars are always enormous and colorful.

Arches make for cool pictures.

We found this garden/courtyard area, and stopped in to look.

You can just see the tree in the arch.

The oldest pepper tree in California.

We were ready for lunch by now, so we found a diner in San Luis Rey. Anyone who loves Disney's "Cars" would love this place.

Our next stop would be Mission San Juan Capistrano, and if you think I took a lot of pics at San Luis Rey, well, the next post will be even'll see why.

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