Saturday, January 04, 2014

A New Year Adventure, Part 10: Beach Towns

After Wednesday's spectacular sunset, Summer and I made our way to Palos Verdes and the home of her high school friend, Michelle. We had dinner, then crashed, intending to have a leisurely Thursday drive up the coast a little.

Summer grew up in Redondo Beach, and if you start there and take the road up through Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and El Segundo, you land at Los Angeles International Airport, where I had a 3:45 date with a Sacramento-bound airplane (hence the "planes, trains and automobiles" reference back in the first post of this adventure).

We started off early. It was fun to see Summer's old stomping grounds. I've heard so much about it in the years I've known her.

A panorama I took with my phone...

Apparently this guy brought surfing to the U.S.

Summer has a lot of fond memories of coming to the Fun Factory as a child; her dad would bring her here for endless Skeeball and other fun. We played a few games ourselves, then gave our tickets to some children.

Cali and Sassy rode the duck, of course.

Summer's alma mater.
After Redondo, we continued up the coast a bit through the other beach towns.

Great sign. ;)

We stopped in Manhattan Beach to look around and have lunch. There were a ton of people in green MSU (Michigan) Spartan gear. The Spartans had won the Rose Bowl the day before, and my friend Lindsay (an alumna) was thrilled. I texted her and she said, "Tell them, 'Go Green!!'" So I did, to a few people, from my friend in Michigan. I got a lot of huge smiles.

Our shadows...
Beach Girls
Getting closer to LAX means tons of planes.

Cali wasn't really scared. The shark was fake.

We ate lunch here.

After lunch, we meandered back to the car, stopping for a cupcake. Then it was off towards LAX, which really requires its own post.

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