Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Week In Instagram (Week #57)

Fa la la la...zzzzzz...


Catching up on The Sing-Off.

Millie loves some good lap time.

I was talking to Mom in the living room and noticed how
pretty this view was, with the two trees, Mom's copper,

Another view.

My ridiculous little tree. : )


A cake pop from a student.

Choir had it's annual Christmas potluck to celebrate another
fantastic Home for the Holidays concert.


I only got one pic on Tuesday, but it's a pretty one!

Leg-pressed 190 pounds LIKE A BOSS.

My favorite Christmas sweater. Poor Snoopy!

My major project this week was alphabetizing and cataloging
the "singles" in my choral library. Now I have some idea of
what music I've got!

Another sky pic.

I had to leave very early on Thursday.

After singing carols in the office, we watched "A Charlie
Brown Christmas" in the choir room.

I keep saying it but seriously. BEST. PEST. EVER.

Chocolate Toffee A La Mom

Christmas decorations, dirty flower vases, and SO MUCH
PAPER. Friday was a non-teaching day, so I got down to
getting some business done.

Believe it or not, this was progress.

A major project done--my syllabus printed and ready for
the new semester.

And lots of songs picked and ready to pass out when we
get back. Some for festival, some for stuff at home.

I made an appearance at the choir Christmas party, and I know
the kids appreciated it. They're a great bunch so I don't
really mind giving them an hour of my Friday afternoon.

And it was super fun making gingerbread houses with them.


She is currently sitting my lap as I type captions on pics
for this post. Attention fiend!

The streets of Sacramento (at a stop, not driving) on a
Saturday morning.

The capitol.

We do have a pretty capitol building.


Okay, now we're getting down to business.

Let's do this.

Suit up!

My shadow looks like a little wood sprite or something.

More Santas.

Even more Santas. This race was hilarious.

Finished with a new best time, so yes, I get a cookie! I turned
down the milk, though.

A Santa Selfie. The jacket was fun but hard to run in, because
it kept slipping. I didn't wear the pants because they'd
never have stayed up. They were huge.

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