Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Measuring A Year, Part 5: Intentions

At the beginning of 2013, I set various intentions for myself. Intentions are different than resolutions, in that they're not so much lofty goals as simple intentions to make myself better. I've listed them below, with an analysis on how I fared.

1. Focus on forgiveness and non-judgement.

I did okay with this one; I actually have really stopped focusing a lot of anger and blame on a couple of people from a few years ago, namely a former friend who sent me the strangest "Dear Jane" email ever (she actually used some sort of "the feelings have died" phrase, and I can't truly remember what it was, which shows that I've made progress). However, I've shifted some angst over to the owner of Petite School, for putting me through five months of massive stress, telling me she didn't think I was doing my job even though she never actually stepped foot in my classroom. But that is water under the bridge.I'm getting better at channeling my anger into doing bigger, better things for myself.

The verdict? I think this is a life-long intention...but progress is being made.

2. Continue to progress as a runner, building speed and endurance.

Yes. I absolutely met this one. Now, part of the goal was to get a sub-thirty 5K, and I haven't managed that just yet. But I refuse to see this as a failed intention, because I proved to myself this year that I can run four miles without stopping, and I set two personal bests--first in July, when I brought a 5K home at 31:02, then this month, when I brought it down to 30:43. I am so close to that sub-thirty! I'm going to grab it for sure in 2014.

The verdict? Met this one.

3. Open up new career options.

Well, wasn't this one hilarious? I set the intention of getting certified as a personal trainer while still looking for opportunities to teach. I even started studying a couple of resources my friend Matt recommended, and then, the universe said, "Hey, how about teaching high school choir again?" and I said, "Well, okay." And away we go.

The verdict? Met this one and then some, even if I still don't have that PT certification.

With two exclamation points, even!! I never did get my monthly dinner club off the ground, but I did start meeting my friend Sarah more regularly, and taking opportunities as they arose at my new job. The dating department was great at the beginning of the year, then really, really slow for a few months, then non-existent while I started the new job. Now it's perking up again, and I'm spending New Year's in San Diego with Summer, so I'd say things are looking good.

The verdict? Met...with room for even more.

5. Read 25 books. Blog about each one.

I read more than 25 books this year. Thirty-two, to be exact, not counting a couple of little short e-books on my Kindle. What I did not do was blog about each of them. I started off well, got bored with it, and stuck to reviewing them, half-heartedly, on Goodreads.

The verdict? This was set to make me read more, which I hadn't been making time for in 2012, so I consider it met.

6. Continue the path I've chosen towards health, fitness and strength.

I managed to eliminate all fast food from my diet except Subway a couple of times (when you're driving across Nevada, sometimes Subway is your healthiest option, believe it). I had a few sodas, mostly when seeing movies, and I don't find them at all satisfying anymore. As far as continuing to work out goes, well, I met that one, hands down. I rarely miss a workout, and if I do, it's because I know my body needs the rest.

The verdict? Met. Room for improvement, especially in eating habits, but I'm learning how to live at goal.

The overall verdict:

I did pretty well! Life took a few twists and turns that led to some ideas being abandoned and others bearing even more fruit than I'd dreamed they would. I can't complain.

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