Sunday, December 29, 2013

Measuring A Year, Part 3: In Pictures

The vast majority of my pictures this year were taken on my phone, with Instagram, but I did manage to get my Canon out from time to time. Perhaps in 2014, I should make an effort to use it even more. Here are 15 of my favorite pics taken with the Canon this year. I'm proud of them for their composition, their colors, or how they captured a mood.

Karl the Fog rolls in under the Golden Gate.
The amazing and beautiful city of San Francisco.
The Trans-America Building punctuates a gorgeous end-of-day.
I'd never call Nevada pretty, but there is something to its endless
nothingness that is compelling.
The Snake River Gorge, from the Twin Falls side.
Bright, crisp colors along Highway 1, north of San Francisco.
An abandoned boat in Inverness, California.
The famous outer gate to Folsom Prison, which I'd seen many times, but
never photographed.
Folsom's Historic Sutter Street.

Over Muir Beach, north of San Francisco--California's gorgeous coast.
When I came around a bend and found this gorgeous church set against
the almost blinding blue and green, I had to stop in tiny Nicasio, California.
A colorful carousel in Vacaville, California.

Classic Americana in Woodland, California.

Woodland, again. I love the colors, and how the sun is hitting the building.
Normally I prefer symmetry, but something about this
building in San Rafael caught my eye.
The San Rafael mission (right) next to its modern counterpart.

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