Friday, November 29, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #54)

I'm doing this early--tomorrow I'll be in San Francisco all day with my friend Meghan and her awesome daughter, Roz. We're having tea at a fancy restaurant at the top of a fancy hotel, overlooking gorgeous San Francisco. We're all so excited, we can hardly contain ourselves.

Anyway, it has been a lovely week off.


Actually taken on Saturday, just outside of Lincoln. I've
been meaning to stop and take a pic of this for ages.

On Sunday, I went to my storage unit. I've got a lot of crap.

Dug out some Christmas stuff. Mom always lets me put
some of my Snoopy stuff out.

That squiggly-looking thing is a very dead, very nasty,
very creepy snake.

On the top of the box it said, "Chocolate Cherry." Perfect
for the holiday season.

Added a slight reddish color to my hair, most obvious in

Wait...doesn't everyone memorize choir songs in Latin
while on the bike at the gym?

And so it starts...

Jingle Swimmy is the newbie--Santa and Rudy Swimmy
have been around a year or two.

I swear, I was in a lovely mood at choir!

Tuesday afternoon done RIGHT.

Only one voice lesson to teach? Wear leggings and boots.

Dropped some books off at the used bookstore. Wasn't
really in a mood to dig, though.

Stopped by Fleet Feet--love this sentiment, if not the

It really was time for a new pair of running shoes.

It's amazing. I hem and haw at spending $30 on a dress
but will happily drop $120 on a pair of Mizunos. Priorities,
I guess.

Later on, I did the outdoor decorations. : )

This is what happens when we let Dad bake. Yes, he did
this on purpose.

So cute!

Good morning, Roseville! I had a Turkey Trot to run.

Sign pic.

I took some canned goods.

LOVE this guy's get-up.

This woman had space cat leggings, a space cat t-shirt,
and a space cat back-pack on her front. And a purple
skirt. I'm not judging, I just thought she was...unique.

Almost time.

Finished! Not entirely happy--the course had a couple
thousand people crammed on a tiny bike trail, and the
timing company STILL doesn't have times posted. Not even
a clock at the finish line!

Some dude in a turkey hat from Good Day Sacramento.

Pretty fountain.

That's not actually a lot of food, but it's RICH food. I don't
eat like that anymore.

Opening my ornament storage box makes me smile.

Not even half of my Snoopy ornaments.

Still not all of them.

Randomly found a recipe for pumpkin quiche (it has bacon
and onion in it) and OH MY GOD it is SO GOOD.

Mom made a green chili quiche.

And that's that. Tomorrow I'll no doubt Instagram the hell out of my day, so expect more!

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