Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #52)

It was a short week (Monday holiday) but a long week (super-busy, as usual!) and it was a GREAT week in a lot of ways.


I took my phone on my Sunday morning run, because
I simply HAD to capture the gorgeous fall colors.

After my run, I went out and got about 5 inches of hair
cut off. It's still past my shoulders. It was so in need of a
good trim.

Then I came home and put a teensy bit of red in it. I purposely
under-processed it and might do it again soon. We'll see.

Sunday night found me at Barnes and Noble, falling for
yet another children's book that I don't need. I didn't buy it.

Roseville Community Band plays at the Veteran's Day
ceremony put on by Dad's vet's group.

Posting the colors.

The Army guys stand for their service song (my favorite
part, every year, the service songs).

My favorite veteran, saluting during the Air Force song!

Some cards made by local school children, and a helmet
the vet's group uses for donations. Today, they were
collecting for a local girl who wants to raise money for a
veteran's hospital by baking.

The irony of playing on my iPhone while waiting for my
Kindle to wake up (before choir rehearsal) is not lost on me.

Went out to run on Tuesday and discovered I didn't really
need my sunglasses.


It was that kind of day (I inherited the sticker on the filing

Outside my classroom.

My PEST family gave me these lovely flowers! I brought
them home so 1) I don't murder them from neglect in my
office, and 2) Mom can plant them in the garden.

Dad had that helmet here at the house, so I tried it on.
It's HEAVY!!

Millie, hanging out on the piano bench.

Chico maroon and GB Green. Clashes, but I was cold.

I parked here anyway, figuring if the Jeep driver wanted to
get out, he/she would've parked better.

Rose at sunset.

We still have roses in the yard!

I've got pumpkin soup in the crock pot.

Pretty typical Caturday.

Bella decides to join Duchess in the bed.

Mutual face-grooming commences.

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