Friday, November 08, 2013

Days of Thankfulness, Day 8

I had a plan for today's post, but the reality of my life is that I have days (it seems like at least once a week) on which I leave the house at 7:30 in the morning and don't get home 'til 9:30 at night, so if you want me to be thankful for anything tonight, let it be that I made it through five hours of duty working the front gate at a home football game while my fingers went numb from cold, my feet ached in their bright green Chucks, and my mood went from, "Heh. Okay, I'll do this" to "When the f*** do I get to leave this hellhole?" over the course of that five hours.

Yes, I'm thankful I survived tonight without developing hypothermia or gnawing my own feet off.

Not that it wasn't a good day--it was a great day. But the last five hours of it were truly, completely, BORING.

But I'm thankful. For the bed I'm about to crawl into. Maybe I should brush my teeth first though.

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