Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Days of Thankfulness, Day 27

There are moments--and I try to ensure they happen as often as possible--where I stop my ever-racing mind for a few seconds and simply take notice of where I'm standing. Sometimes it's a sunrise over the Sierra Nevadas as I drive to work early, or it's on a brilliantly sunny morning where the fall color is almost blinding, it's so dazzling. Or maybe it's a moment where I'm laughing hysterically, or sipping tea that is just the right temperature, or that boy (yes, there's a That Boy in my life, he's been there a while now, and no, I don't think he knows he's playing that role in my world) is smiling at me or laughing at something ridiculous I said and I just stop--my brain, always whirring and whizzing and thinking, just stops and I think, "God, I'm so happy to be alive."

Our world isn't always a pretty place, but it's ours. We take it, good, bad, and ugly. We try to make it better, prettier. And at the end of the day, we really just ought to be thankful that we are alive in this moment.

I know I am.

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