Friday, November 15, 2013

Days of Thankfulness, Day 15

I've blogged already about being thankful for my strength, hard-earned in gyms and on the pavement. Today, I need to extend my thankfulness to include the people who helped me get there--B. the Sadist, C. the Sweetie, G. the Meanie, and M. the Reasonable.

Most especially Gershom (who's really not a meanie) and Matt (who remains, to this day, very reasonable and awesome).

I barely remember the Sadist and the Sweetie--my time working with them was short and now going on five years ago. But Gershom and Matt will always stand out in my mind as being the guys who helped me the most. Gershom, by accepting no less than my all, pushing and prodding and annoying me into becoming an athlete, and Matt, by taking that athlete and fine-tuning my form, my views on what it means to push myself without hurting myself.

I picked today to write about them because, as I went back in my blog archive, I realized that today is two years since I first met Matt--I was down a considerable amount of weight, but wanting to get to that elusive goal. Within a year, I was there, but on that November day, I was simply eager to meet Trainer #4, to see who the gym manager had assigned me to. I still laugh when I think of my first impression of him: "your standard super-fit personal trainer jock-type."

There's no way I could have done all of this on my own--I had so much support from my trainers along the way, as I went from someone who'd never run a full mile in her life to someone who runs 5Ks and dead lifts. They saw it in me before I was able to.

70 pounds lost--you can see Matt in the mirror, taking the picture. He'd
said something that had made me laugh.

A picture taken by Gershom in the Stockton gym--the 45 pound disc
represents the 45 I'd lost at this point, my half-way.

Gershom and I, July 2010.

Matt and I at GOAL, September 2012

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