Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #48)M

It was Homecoming Week, so there are a few Spirit Day Selfies in this week's installment. This is one of those weeks that leaves me wanting a glass of wine. So yesterday, it was off to Wine Country for my annual trip with Summer. ; ) 


Dad got one of these for the cats, and they love it.

A pretty house in downtown Lincoln--out running errands
with Dad.

These reminded me of my Sassy friend Shae, who has a
car called Serenity.


Monday was Tropical Day.

The first student newspaper came out. I love how with-it
the kids are.

This is a choir thing.

Our director, board president and accompanist are all
Canadian, eh.

Tuesday was Pajama Day, so nightgown, leggings, and
knee-high socks, for the win. (See also: wet, just-showered

What, you DON'T wear running shoes with your pajamas?

The wife of one of our APs made these incredible cupcakes
for our staff meeting.

That's a lot of work! They were adorable and delicious.

I picked this one.

Wednesday: No fun dress-up, just staff development all day.
All. Day.

I am one of those people who listens better if I can doodle.

Thursday was "ER" day, so naturally, I went to school as
a runnER.

I also wore a purple infinity bracelet in honor of Spirit Day.
Definitely anti-bullying.

I took this pic, expecting a long wait, but I barely sat down
before I got called up.

With all that extra time before piano lessons, I sorted
my Halloween costume.

After lessons, it was off to Krispy Kreme to get 15 dozen
doughnuts to sell at Bonfire Night.

I love the "Find us on Instagram" plug.

We're playing the Rocklin Thunder, hence the lightning bolts.

One of the class floats. I think this was sophomores.

The marching band did their show.

Another float. Bad pic.

Fireworks to start off the bonfire.

Light it up!

Burn, baby, burn!!!

Within an hour, this was all we had left.

Call me Queen of the Doughnuts. We sold out.

Crazy green day, so yes, green clip-in hair extension, and a
ridiculous green hat.

I had never noticed this before. I think it's awesome.
The marching band at the Homecoming Game.

Touchdown, Grizzlies! Hence the kid running that ginormous
flag up and down the length of the field.

Friday Night Lights, Full Moon.

We are the only high school in the area that has a
choreographed fireworks show at Homecoming.

The Seniors won the float contest with their Lion King
themed float. They used a real dog as "Simba." Hilarious.

Stupidly thinking I wouldn't be outside long, I wore a tank
top and cardigan with jeans. I ended up back in my office
at 9:00 at night to warm up.

Then I "stole" a hoodie from my uniform closet. It's from
2011-2012 but I was warm, so I don't care.

Student Government set up TWO huge balloon drops.
Some had t-shirts and stuffed bears and whatnot tied to them.


Random sign near Sonoma--I was on my way to meet Summer
for our annual Autumn mini-adventure in wine country.

Nasa Duck!

LOVED this pillow. It even mentions Chico!!

Vintage games.

Alley garden in Sonoma.

Between Sonoma and our second destination, Petaluma.
Lots of vineyards.

Great sign (restaurant sadly closed) in Petaluma.

An old bank turned into a fabulous antique store.

The girl looked real--her arm waves and everything.

Sunset, as we got to the restaurant for dinner.

We chose some serious YUM for dinner.

When in wine country...

Summer had chicken biryani (delicious).

I had chicken tikka masala (also delicious).

This morning we went to a spa, and those pics will appear in next week's installment. It should be a light-ish, week, but there will be choir-dress-selfies next weekend. First concert of SCSO's season!

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