Sunday, September 15, 2013

That Old Feeling

When I started this blog, the tag line up there read something questioning whether I'd kiss Robbie while living in England. Long before the Keane obsession, I had a different British musical love. Robbie Williams stole my heart back in 1999, at the height of his crazy super-stardom in England and at the time of my own first visit to that marvelous country.

His last couple of albums haven't excited me all that much, but I half-heartedly follow him on Twitter and can't believe I missed the news that he is releasing a second swing album in November. I loved his first swing album (Swing When You're Winning, a play on words on his previous album, Sing When You're Winning). This one, "Swings Both Ways," promises to be awesome, too.

Oh, Robbie. I never really stopped loving you.

I think I'll listen to some of his best pop stuff now, just for grins.

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