Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #45)

This was Week 3 of subbing for the guitar teacher, meaning Week 3 of waking up at 5:00 every morning, Week 3 of 12-hour days, Week 3 get the idea.

And yet, I managed to get pics every day. I'm just that good.


Every semester, there is one Sunday afternoon choir
rehearsal. This was the week. The music is by Haydn.

On my way home, I stopped at Safeway and bought a ton of
fruit. Then I got accosted by the scouts. I'm a total sucker.

Lunch. There was cheese involved, too.

My favorite poster. I keep the book on my desk. Yes,
I teach high school. You're never too old for Suess.

Left them, swollen. Right thumb, normal. Looks about the
same today, though the burn is healing very well.

We finally got our new SCSO brochures, so I put one in my
planner, as I did last year. I'm in that picture!

With an observation on Tuesday, it quickly became Take
Your Lucky Rubber Ducky To Work Day. Cali Swimmy
helped me catch up on my emails.

Mom and Dad got back from Canada on Tuesday night.
They gave me this, thinking it was funny. I think it's TRUE.

One thing I enjoyed about the early starts was driving to
work while witnessing some stunning morning skies.

My PEST is at it again! Filled with dark chocolate.

I have a routine. Arrive to a pristine desk. Make a huge
mess. Get through huge mess. Leave a pristine desk at the
end of the day. Wash, rinse, repeat.

This was basically my dinner on Thursday. Don't worry,
I had my normal large breakfast and a big lunch.
Mom and I drooled over Colin Kaepernick during AND
after the game. He's just so handsome!!

The guitar class had a little party for the college student
who has been teaching them to play while the teacher has
been out. It was sweet how they wanted to thank him.

They even surprised him with a balloon drop. That door is
to my office, where they made him hide while they set this
up. : )

I put up more Keane in my office. Door to the right leads
into the band room. The desk ahead is the dance teacher's.
Mine is to the right.

Finally found a place for my world map made entirely of


"Hey, Mom! Today in choir, we started making a T-Bird out
of cardboard boxes and red wrapping paper!!"

We're doing "Fun, Fun, Fun" by the Beach boys, so we
have to have a T-Bird, right?! So Daddy can take it away.

I brought some favorite Halloween decorations back from
my storage unit recently.

And that's it. This next week will be chuck full of pics, because I'm going to my first NFL game tomorrow! Sadly, it's not the Niners, but the Raiders. A bunch of us from work are going to tailgate in the parking lot, then watch the game. It should be a great time.

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