Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #44)

Another busy week of teaching, subbing, taking selfies, and whining about Bob the Blob.


Started Sunday with more dripping blood. Bob could bleed
like you wouldn't believe.

Rooted for the Niners, but alas, they fell to the Seahawks.

Bob on Sunday.

Mom's flowers.

Almost-ripe tomato.


Not entirely sure what to do with the chess set left in my

Manageable mess. That paper on the left? That's my To Do
List for the week. You thought I was joking when I said it's
typed, outline format?

Great feeling, getting two biggies done early. Better feeling:
the pre-eval meeting with my boss went very well.

A little light reading for the choir teacher.

Singing Runner: I used the school track on Tuesday.

Shadow of a choir teacher.

Our school is so big, they have to use ride-on mowers.

Wednesday Morning Selfie. I bought the denim jacket a
few weeks ago and "discovered" it in the coat closet this
week. It's LOVE.

Picked these while out watering Mom's garden.

Full moon in the morning. Subbing for 1st period Guitar
means leaving the house no later than 6:45.

Lunch for the teacher who forgot to bring one.

Polka dots and denim. Worn with a white dress. I was CUTE
on Thursday.

Full moon over GBHS.

I took two of my male singers to this event at Sac State.
It was really great and I was so proud to be there as a director.

Bad lighting means blurry pics, but that's one of my singers
in the middle, doing a very nice "ah" vowel. I taught him that!

My other singer who went, caught looking down.

Finally, finally, seeing a dermatologist about Bob.

Back in the car, celebrating Bob's removal.

Caturday with Millie and Bella.

Left thumb, right thumb. The left is still swollen today,
but not in as much pain as last night when the numbness
wore off. Looking forward to healing and moving on!!

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