Saturday, September 07, 2013

My Week In Instagram (Week #42)

What a busy, fun week it was! A short week at work, but no less busy and hectic. I have over 50 pics to share.


On Sunday, an outing to Gold Country with my parents.
This is an old railroad bridge near Auburn, over Interstate

Downtown Auburn

Our worst season in a while. : (

The North Fork of the American River.

Just passing through, on my way to Awesome. ; )

Near where gold was discovered in 1848.

Historic Placerville

Placerville has the nickname "Hangtown," because that's
where the hangings happened back in the Wild West days.

Scenes from Old Placerville

Yeah, I don't understand it, either.

Fabulous old sign.

Closed now, but this used to be quite the hot spot.


We stopped at an antique store that had all kinds of unique

Oh, swell. *stomp, stomp stomp*

At a cute shop in Amador City.

Another awesome shop in Amador City.

On Sunday evening, we had a stunning sunset.


Very rare, indeed, for Labor Day. But I didn't mind. I went to
the gym, then relaxed at home.

I painted my nails to match my school spirit.

A watch I bought in Amador City.

Cali Swimmy has a girlfriend. Her name is Sassy. Don't ask.

Read the latest Tea Time magazine.

Another selfie. But I'm seriously loving this new top.

One day in!! With a massive amount of topcoat! Gah.

The sun comes up on campus. An early meeting.

Yes, I did. No, I don't regret it.

The Birthday Girl, celebrating 14 years with a good sunbeam.

Bella came along and the party really got started.

New skirt, feeling very cute.

It's all in the details.

I went to ask the drama teacher a question and found
Minions backstage. AWESOME.

First football game of the year. My toes got in on the school

So did my eyes.

I bought a new shirt for the game.

I thought about playing with the Pep Band but Bob the
Blob put a stop to that. : ( Definitely getting to a dermatologist

As part of my supervision duty, I was assigned to a tailgate
party before the game.

They trusted me with a grill and a bunch of hot dogs.

Grillin'. It was all women. None of the boys from the class
putting on the tailgate came to help!

Del Rogers from KCRA. They do a Game of the Week feature
and this week, Folsom at Granite Bay was the winner.
Yes, Folsom, as in my alma mater playing the school I work

Ahh, memories! I love a marching band.

Friday Night Lights

Tied...Folsom ended up winning, 30-14.

A rosebud in Mom's garden.


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