Monday, August 12, 2013

What. A. Day.

I was talking to a friend at the gym today when I looked at someone else standing nearby and said, by way of explaining a comment I'd just made, "I'm a high school teacher."



I'm a high school teacher.

There are so many things to say about today, but I am ready for bed--so ready for bed, gah, I'm so tired!--and I have another full, crazy, hectic day tomorrow, so I'll just say that it was fantastic. My kids seem pretty great, and I danced with other staff members at the rally--which included our best booty-shaking to "Baby Got Back" and prompted huge roars of approval from the 2,000+ kids packed into the gym. (I figure if I want this program to grow, I have to be willing to be ridiculous in front of the kids, and they have to know that I exist in this school.)

My choir president greeted me at the beginning of class with a big hug and, "I told everyone how cool you are!!" I told the kids I'm a lifelong music nerd, "and proud of it," and received a few, "Oh yeah!!" responses. 

I saw two meteors this morning in a before-dawn walk I took to help Perseid celebrate my birthday. I flirted with a darling waiter at Chevy's while waiting for my margarita--courtesy of my friend Sarah--to arrive. I had far too much ice cream, and a cupcake that my parents bought me...and I even found time to lift weights and do cardio at the gym this afternoon.

My day started at about 4:30, when my eyes popped open in a mix of excitement and nerves, and ends now, shortly after 9:00, as I slump in front of my computer, sipping water to hydrate and eying to cats (Millie and Mom's Bella) who are waiting for some cuddles and thinking my happily exhausted body really out to be horizontal. So, off I go. It's been a hell of a birthday. : )

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