Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Week In Instagram (Week #39)

What a Wild and Absolutely True kind of week it was! In the best way. So busy, so full of hopes and fears (Keane reference, there) and so amazing.


The calm before the storm included finishing my syllabus.
The school's theme this year is the "essential piece" idea.

I painted my nails a powerful red in preparation.

This is the Sacramento Valley, viewed from the hills of
Lincoln, at 5:00 in the morning. I saw two Perseid meteors!

Ready to go!

A very tired teacher relaxing in her office after a successful
first day.

Birthday margaritas with Sarah at Chevy's.

I got sombrero'd.

Birthday cupcake!

Millie dug the sombrero, apparently.

Anonymous card at work. I'm glad I've joined, too!

I set up my new mini fridge in my office, great for keeping
healthy snacks and plenty of water on hand.

PEST stands for Parents E____ Supporting Teachers and
it's a lovely thing to find something like this in your
mailbox. That card, by the way has been SPENT.

Red pants, adorable (and comfy) ballet flats by Nine West.
School lanyard hanging from my pocket.

Just because the whole week is insanely busy doesn't mean
I skimp on workouts! Did lunges and step-ups with these
bad boys, then leg-pressed 150 pounds.

Sigh. It never lasts.

My birth state. I wear this shirt for workouts sometimes.

"Have a good day at work, Mommy!" I had to stop and take
this pic as I left. She's so cute!

Wore a new scarf on Thursday. Mom and Dad bought it for
me in San Diego last week.

The first of 900 of these that I will receive this year. I don't
even have a show choir.

And even if I did, there's NO WAY I'd put the girls in
something this ugly.

On Friday evening, I attended the annual staff barbecue.
Staff offspring were welcome, and the admin team rented
bouncy houses and trains and even a gigantic slip-and-slide.
It was a lot of fun. This location, that looks like a park, is our
campus. Lovely!
I am far too tired/lazy to take pics today. I don't plan on doing anything exciting, unless you count watching movies on my bed exciting. I don't. I call it relaxing, and that is just what I need today!

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Erik Ammon said...

Meg it really looks like you found a great place to work! Congrats on that! And, congrats on those nail chipping 20 pounders for lunges and squats!!