Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Week In Instagram (Week #38)

A busy week. A productive week. A satisfying week.


If you're going to have the blister/wart/crazy bleeding mass
that won't heal on your thumb, might as well have some fun
with Band-Aids, right?


Dad gave me this. I hung it up in my office. I have an office!!

Monday night--our out-of-control fridge got cleared out.

This mass of zipper pulls holds the key to the lock I use
at the gym. I haul this around as I work out.

On Tuesday, I got my parking permit. This was actually
cooler than signing the contract was.

Wednesday morning was cloudy.

Angry Birds duct tape at the craft store.

I found this at Hallmark. A saleslady was talking at me. I
looked at a shelf, saw this, laughed out loud and said, "It's
perfect!!" And it is. I used some birthday money from
Mom and Dad to buy it for my office.

I used the rest of the birthday money to buy Steve Madden

Because duh. Steve Madden.

Throwback Thursday -- a pic from nearly 35 years ago.

I finally found my "puppet friends" while digging in my
storage locker! Oh, happiness. I won't use them at a high
school, but they make me smile.

Swag Bag

Two polos, a t-shirt, a travel mug, a USB stick, two gift
cards. Welcome, indeed.

Ready for my first day! Friday was staff only.

Student Government managed to sneak in while I was in
my office and leave this giant poster on my white board
for Monday. There's no hiding it now. ; )

My desk, organized and ready. You can see my new
Snoopy "Rock Star" trophy on the very right.
Friday Night Cuddles. I was in bed a little after 9:00, and I
passed out. So tired!!

Pretty Millie.
No pics today--I'm busy getting stuff done and no one wants Instagram pics of me cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry. Tomorrow is all about relaxing and pampering myself, and then I'm off to the races!

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