Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #36)

This week has flown by in a blur of busyness--teaching my exchange students, teaching my music students, working on stuff, going to the gym, a prom, and sometimes even sleeping. And to cap it all off, a 5K this morning.


On Sunday, while we were all in the house, the glass on the
patio table inexplicably shattered.

I helped Dad clean up the mess.

Abandoned old building in Loomis--we were going out to

I took my parents to an Indian place my friend Sarah and I
discovered and love.

Chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, rice, and garlic naan.

I admit it, I watched. Not obsessively, but I kept my eyes on
the news as I worked on lesson plans.

I love England.

Found some Angry Birds stickers among my things.

They look great on my planner.

We had some clouds on Monday night--the sky looked
really lovely.


On Tuesday, my students made "newspapers" after doing
the chapter on newspapers in our book. They did a great

I went to the gym after school, then drove straight to Fusion
to teach a bunch of lessons.

Dad and I have been playing "hide the bubbles in creative
places" this week. I put them in the coffee pot on Wednesday

My students made comics on Thursday. This was my
sample for them. Setting. Problem. Solution.

I went to Mecca Charming Charlie on Thursday. Happy
Early Birthday to meeee!

These were our nominees for "Prom King" for the EF
2013 Summer Prom. The two in the middle (in the jean shorts
and green shorts, respectively) are two of my brightest
kids. Jonas (left, Marilyn t-shirt) is from Germany, and Flo
is from Austria.

Chinese students hanging out before prom. They looked


Bright and early on a Saturday.

The run started and finished in a cemetery.

Ready to run!

I was feeling optimistic, and actually ran the first couple
miles at probably a 9:00-9:30 pace.

Big Jim Hall is a local radio personality. He has a fabulous
voice and it was fun hearing him call "Megan Cooper!" as
I finished the race.

Tired but triumphant runner, after setting a new personal
best time (and then promptly throwing up in a garbage can).

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