Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Week In Instagram (Week #35)

It was a good week. A hectic week, too. But any week that starts off at the beach isn't going to be bad.


Woke up at Summer's place to fog over the Bay.

It started to lift, as fog always does...

Cameron's Pub & Inn, Half Moon Bay.

Yeah, like I'm going to order a burger.

A pint of cider!


Yours Truly.

That is a curried chicken pastie, and yes, I ate the fries!

An Instacollage of products available at Cameron's little
shop. Sadly, no Jaffa Cakes.

Because I'm ridiculous sometimes. Yes, there is a duck on
my head.

Because the duck always comes along for the ride.

Hello, Pacific!


This may be one of the best Instagram pics I've ever taken.

Millie had a case of the Mondays.

Bella Blue

Some of Mom's copper collection, brought home from
Turkey by Dad.

Mom used some peaches and apricots to make this. Yum.

In love with this skirt.

Shakespeare knew a thing or twelve.

On Wednesday I made my first-ever pumpkin pie...times

They came out great, and I took them to my summer
job the next day, for the just-arrived exchange students to
try. Some liked it, some didn't. It was different for them!

We rolled out the red carpet for our students.

Finally, they arrived.

Jet-lagged and for many, their first visit to the U.S.

They come from Austria, China, France and Germany.

Playing a game.

Later, before my private lessons, I treated myself to an
Icee. Green eyes, blue tongue.

Big official group pic. We got our groups today and I adore
mine. They're mostly Austrian, a few Germans, and two
Chinese, and ALL awesome.

Sometimes I prop my foot on my hard drive. And sometimes,
Millie sticks her head in trying to get attention.

Friday night selfie, au naturale. My hair is all wavy/curly
because I wore it in a sock bun all day.

Saturday Morning Cat-Nap

My "office" at Fusion.

A bit of light practicing between students.
And that's it. This next week brings a ton of busyness. I've got to get back over to the high school, and I teach three days of the English program. There's working out and all of my private lessons, too. Hectic times are coming!

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