Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Busy Season

Yesterday, I left the gym and drove straight over to my new school. Armed with a couple boxes of classroom stuff, I let myself in, introduced myself to the band teacher next door, and got to work sorting out my office.

I have an office!!

Right off of my classroom is a good-sized office. My choral library is stored in there. The dance teacher also uses the room, but there's so much space, we won't be in each other's laps or anything.

The previous teacher was less neat-freak than I am, so I spent considerable time yesterday clearing the desk drawers out, sorting through things, and figuring out what I'm going to do with the eight pairs of scissors I have. I rearranged some of the posters and pennants left on the wall, and added my own things. I took a bunch of Instagram pictures, so those will be shared on Saturday.

I'm going back today, to meet the drama teacher and get a tour of the theater facilities. The dance teacher (head of the VAPA department) has also been in touch, offering to help me out with anything I need. The band teacher is up to her eyeballs in band camp right now (ahh, memories) but also really helpful and welcoming. It also turns out I have student choir officers and a choral booster group, who are all really excited to meet me next week (one is coming on Monday while I'm working in my classroom). They love choir and want to see the program flourish.

This week, I finish off my summer gig with the exchange students--that will have me flying around tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. There's also my private music students, and gym time, so I've been keeping pretty busy...but busy is good. What's that saying--"idle hands are the devil's playground?" It's true. When I'm idle, I get bored, and moody. Things are really starting to come together in my career again, and not a moment too soon. I'm really excited about all that lies ahead.

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