Sunday, April 28, 2013

Music I'm Digging

I stopped my Monday Music posts a while back, and I don't really intend to start them up again, but it occurred to me recently that I haven't really shared what I'm listening to these days (lots of Keane, of course, always), and...well, I want to. So, here are some songs that have caught my fancy over the last few months, or at least, songs that have continued to be meaningful to me. Yeah, there's a Keane song. But there's also a lot of other stuff!

Fun. "Carry On"

This song is pure cotton candy--fluffy, sweet, a power-pop anthem and ode to friendship and moving forward in life. But it is--as the band's name implies--so darned fun that I can easily listen to it over and over again. And it's my favorite "dance it out" song for those times that I can only rid myself of the grumpies by dancing like the uncoordinated person I am.

Mumford & Sons "I Will Wait"

Bless 'em, those Mumford boys sure have a formula. Start slow and soft. Build momentum. Add a little banjo and BOOM! There you go, boys. The formula works, though, and this song is no exception. And these boys are just too adorable.

Young the Giant "I Got"

A few weeks ago, I asked a few friends for band recommendations, and through this, found some great new music to listen to. Then, while listening to one of these bands, I saw a video on YouTube for the full debut album of a band called Young the Giant. I gave it a listen. WOW. I really liked what I heard, especially this song.

Keane "Silenced By the Night"

This song, off of last year's Strangeland, continues to make me feel good every time I hear it. What can I say? I just love Keane.


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