Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feelin' Keane

Allow me to indulge myself. I've had a stressful day. I shall now post pictures of the awesome men of Keane, and drool into my hot chocolate. Keane makes me happy.

I would love to know what Tom or Richard said to make Tim give them the bird.
Yes, Tom. You guys do kick ass.

Rock stars making time for a cuppa. So British!
Richard's smile in this one slays me. He is so adorable.
I [heart] Nerds!
They often end their shows like this--three childhood friends, now in their thirties, still like brothers.
Tim--keyboards and the musical genius behind the music.
Tom--the man with The VOICE and the one most girls swoon over. But not me, because I'm half in love with...
Richard, the drummer. He's British, he's smart, he has a social conscience and he has cats. What's not to love?

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