Monday, January 11, 2010

I Am Not A Runner

I did not lose weight this week. Therefore, G., my sadistic unfeeling nasty trainer made me run today. A mile-and-a-half. Actually, it was a pitiful jog. But there was no walking. And I didn't stop. He wouldn't let me. The one time I did a little jog-hobble-walk move, he threatened to make it two miles. So I pushed. And wheezed.

The couple of times he let me lag behind him (this was such a walk in the park for this dude) I delighted in rolling my eyes, or giving him the finger. But I jogged that whole stupid mile-and-a-half, outside, in the cold. My nose ran. My thighs and back started aching. My shins went numb (Hey! No shin splints!).

I thought I might die. For a few minutes, I wanted to. But I didn't die.

"Come on, Megan! How old are you? Twenty-seven?"

*gasp* *choke* "THURRRTEEEEWUUNNNN!!" *wheeze* *whimper*

"You are a young woman, Megan. I can push you to do this because you're not going to have a heart attack."


But I didn't throw up. My heart pounded, but didn't sieze. I wheezed, I ached, but I didn't stop. I made it that entire mile-and-a-half.

At times, G. would put his hand to my back and half-push me along, telling me, "Come on, keep this pace. Don't slow down. Keep it up." I would find a spurt of energy and push it forward for a moment before slowing down again.

I can't tell you how happy I was as we approached the end of our course. I wanted to cry--because I hurt, because I was angry that he made me do it, because I was frustrated at not losing weight this week...but also because I made it.

I. Made. It.


Vikki said...

Good for you Meg. Before you know it you will be sprinting that distance and further! Keep it up because you are a runner!

Sa said...

I'm so happy for you. I hate all exercise except running,and it took me a year to get there. You should reward yourself, definitely.

Meg said...

I wanted to reward myself with chocolate cake (for some reason, all day yesterday, I obsessed about chocolate cake!) but instead had whole wheat pasta and veggies.

If I make it through my assigned running this week, I might allow myself dessert this weekend.

alana said...

Way to go chicka!