Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Trip to the Farm

Mom and I went to A Chance For Bliss yesterday. I didn't take as many pictures as usual, because I had horse slobber all over my hands from giving out carrots and apples.

They have a new equine resident, Atlas. Atlas is so named because he's a little guy who thinks he's huge.

He's still a stallion, but that will change soon! He's quite agressive, and even though he's small, he's not above biting a mare on the leg so she falls to his level.

He was found abandoned on a highway in Lake County. His owner didn't want him anymore.

We watched as Dee and Woody put him in the back pasture with the younger, sassier group. It was amazing to watch the herd run around, kicking up their heels and snapping at the newbie. He gave it right back.

Some other random shots from our time at the farm follow. As ever, it was a lovely visit!

Quincy is another newbie--very sweet and let me lead him back to his pasture after getting thoroughly brushed. Those horses do love the mud.

Doc has the cutest cowlick.

Odie. I gave him extra love because he's getting on in years and might not make it much longer. :(

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