Sunday, December 06, 2009


I'm copying an idea from my friend Shameless Britni and blogging about flaws. Her posts about freckles, bald women and other so-called "flawed" beauties got me thinking about the things I hate about myself, or that others would tell me are not right.

I start tonight with smiles. I have a terrific smile. I don't need anyone to tell me this because every picture I take, I always love the smile, even if the rest of my face is too red, pinched, squinty-eyed, pimply, etc. My smile shines.

I have very thick lips--always have--and they are naturally a dark red color. I don't really need lipstick, I just like to wear bright red once in a while for added drama. My teeth are straight and white, testament to excellent dental care over the years, and a three-year stint with braces.

But if you look at my smile, you might notice that it's not perfect. It's certainly a great smile, but I have a gap, and my one of my two front teeth is slightly shorter than the other.

A couple years ago, a dentist asked if I wanted to talk about getting veneers to correct the gap. I said, "Nope. I like my gap." He just smiled and said, "It does give your smile character."

Yes, Doc. It certainly does.

Here are some celebrities who have less than perfect smiles--they take some flack for gaps and snaggles. And yet, it totally works for them, just as it works for me.


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I wanted to do a post on imperfect smiles, too! Now I don't have to :)

I love it.

Meg said...

I might go back and add more pictures. I had saved these four but want to add some more at some point!

alana said...

cute post!