Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fa La La La Zzzzz

Oh my God, I'm so tired!!

And it feels like I have thirty million things to do, and only five minutes to do it all.

Let's just look at today. I left for work a little after 7:00. Put in another busy day educating America's future. From work, I drove straight to Antioch for a hair appointment. I arrived home at 6:00 this evening, called Mom and Dad, then went straight to the gym. I got home at about 7:15, had dinner, and now I'm straightening the kitchen (even sweeping and vacuuming the floor--and considering mopping!) because I refuse to leave for my break with a dirty apartment.

Tomorrow promises to be CRAZY, in all caps. In addition to a normal day educating America's future (who will be high on holiday spirit and the sugar that comes with it), I have to hear the results of my recent evaluation. It could be good, it could be ugly. Either way, I need a Xanax to get through work tomorrow. After that, I have an appointment with my new trainer (go me!) and then a two- to two-and-a-half-hour dress rehearsal with Chorale tomorrow night.

Leading us, of course, into Friday--the last day (HURRAH!!) of school. America's Future will be WIRED and NOT INTERESTED IN LEARNING (again with those all caps). Santa is scheduled to visit, and Ms. C. is scheduled to show her new DVD, "Beethoven Lives Upstairs."

There is only so much fight in me.

After school, I will have to hit the gym, then come home and pack (I've already started putting stuff aside). I will load my car up, then meet up with Mom and Dad at some point. Call time for the concert is 6:30. As soon as that's done, we're stopping only to get the cats and then heading home to Mom and Dad's.

But I won't be done!

Saturday will be Baking Day. Our former neighbors from Folsom, the Friday's, are coming over to help us destroy and rebuild our kitchen. On Sunday, I'm meeting Summer in Fairfield (Jelly Belly factory, baby!). On Monday, Mom, Dad and I are taking $500 raised by Mom's craft faire bake sale to buy groceries for a local women's shelter. Then we will deliver them. I'm looking forward to this--it should be a real upper.

After this, my only plans are to fall on my butt and watch movies for about three days. In my pajamas. With tea.

In other words, if my hyper, stressed ass can survive tomorrow, the rest is pretty easy. Then I get some really uplifting stuff followed by total laziness.

Bring it on.

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Nefarious Newt said...

It seems like the Christmas season, rather than being a time for relaxing, reflecting, and rewarding ourselves, has turned into a maelstrom of activity, which has us in its grip until the turn of the year.

I could be wrong.