Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady Rides Again

Mom and Dad are in Mexico this week, leaving me with Bella and Duchess, in addition to my normal load of two cats.

I don't mind--the Kindergatos are good girls, excellent houseguests, and very sweet. I woke up with Duchess, Millie and Harley cuddled around me this morning, making getting out of bed extra-hard. Who wants to leave all that warm, furry goodness when it's 26 degrees outside?

Millie has warmed to the Terrible Torties in recent months. She's never hated them, but she is definitely the Queen, and has to show it. Now, however, there is a new Low Cat on the Totem Pole--Harley--and it's okay for Millie to socialize with Duchess, the former Low Cat. The girls are united in their disdain towards the lone boy.

Everyone seems happy and content, though, if the pictures I'm getting are any indication.

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