Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Mom and Dad took me to brunch this morning at High Hand Nursery. It's a marvelous nursery in Loomis. I'd never heard of a nursery having a restaurant, but this is one of those special places where you go to have an experience, not just a quick chow-down.

The restaurant is in a large, open greenhouse. The windows and doors can be shut in case of bad weather, but today was a gorgeous 70-something, sunny Indian Summer day. We had a marvelous breakfast, and afterwards, wandered around looking at the various plants, trees and garden knick-knacks for sale. The nursery's specialty is Japanese maples, and they are absolutely gorgeous at this time of year.

Included in the nursery is a small sewing store called The Tin Thimble, a place specializing in Oriental rugs, and a huge garden pottery place. Following are my pictures (because yes, I always have my camera with me!).

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