Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Horses On a Fall Day

It's been months since I've been to A Chance For Bliss, and today, I finally had some time to go see my equine friends (and all the other awesome animals, of course).

A Chance For Bliss is in trouble. The horrid economy has wreaked havoc, and Dee and Woody must raise $65,000 to pay their mortage or risk losing their home. If they lose their home, many of these awesome animals do, too.

I don't normally use my blog to pimp out my causes, but it's getting close to the Christmas season, and you just never know when someone might come across this and think, "Hey, I have a few bucks I can spare." If you're like me, you do most of your charitable giving around the holidays. I can say, with 100% certainty, that ACFB is a wonderful cause. Check out their website and read the stories about their many resident animals, past and present--you'll be amazed at the neglect and tragedy that brought some of these marvelous creatures to Dee and Woody. But just as you despair at humankind's ability to discard animals like so much rubbish, you'll be heartened by the LOVE and CARE these animals receive at ACFB. Each and every creature, great and small, young and old, healthy or sick, is given 100% love and attention.

Take Handsome.

Handsome (Official ACFB Spokespony) was born with a clubbed hoof. Many people would have had him euthanized, but ACFB found doctors at University of California, Davis (and it's amazing vetrinary school) willing to operate, pro bono. They used it as a learning experience for student vets, and Handsome--all full of piss and vinegar and zest for life--is a new pony. You can't even tell he ever had a clubbed hoof.

You can, however, tell that he loooooves the carrots that Mom brings him.

Windsong is a new resident.

Dee and Woody gifted her to their faithful helper, Margaret. She is a beautiful horse, but she has an eye problem. Her former owner died of cancer, leaving her in need of a loving home where she could receive good care.

And how about Stevie?

Neglect in his pre-ACFB life left him blind in both eyes. But as Dee once said, "He's blind, but not handicapped." Stevie has bonded with Hanauma (Hannah-ooma) and spends his days staying close to her. He is also a great trail rider, placing 6th out of forty-something horses at a recent trail riding challenge! It's not about having the sight, but about having the TRUST. And Stevie trusts Dee, because he knows she won't put him in danger.

Dee and Woody are still working with Cuervo.

Cuervo must have some kind of abuse in her past, because she does not trust very much. Horses are herd animals, but Cuervo has to be kept apart because she is such a brat to the others.

Today, Mom and I were heartened to see that Red was in with her. Cuervo seemed calmer and more relaxed. Her ears didn't go back when we talked to her or approached the fence, and she enjoyed the treats we tossed over to her.

Red, meanwhile, is putting on weight.

He wears the strap around his neck to prevent him from wind sucking. Stall-bound and bored to near death in his previous existence (you just can't call that a life), Red wouldn't eat but instead took to wind sucking (getting high on his own breathing) and eating the door of his stall. These days, there's not a stall in sight, and Red can run, stretch, and eat to his hearts' content. He still shows some of the unhealthy behaviors, though, hence the strap.

This article is interesting, and likens wind sucking to a drug addiction.

Of course, A Chance For Bliss has more than just horses. They also have pigs, goats, a small flock of geese (and one mallard), three cats and many dogs. Oh, and some chickens and rabbits! Following are some pictures from today of some of the awesome animals and the gorgeous land they call home. You'll notice that the horses have their winter coats, and a small flock of visiting Canada Geese stopped by to enjoy the pond.

If you have a few extra dollars to spare this season, won't you condsider gifting it to A Chance For Bliss?


Margaret said...

Wow! I am so touched by your comments. And the photos are fabulous! You have some serious talent girlfriend! Hope to see you again real soon!

alana said...

aww...I really hope they raise the money they need. Sounds like a great cause.