Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm going to Mom and Dad's for the weekend, so last night I took stock of the refrigerator. I do the bulk of my grocery shopping on the weekends, so by Thursday/Friday, I'm usually down to the bare minimum. Whatever is left over, I try to incorporate into the weekend meals.

I looked and found I had a head of broccoli, a package of sliced mushrooms, a plastic container with some leftover chicken and rice, and one hot dog. The chicken and rice and half of the broccoli made a fine dinner.

The hot dog, mushrooms (sauteed last night in cooking wine and garlic) and other half of the broccoli made a fine, if unconventional, breakfast this morning. Lunch is a for-emergencies-only Weight Watchers frozen meal and the last apple in the fruit bowl.

Guess what I'll be doing Sunday evening?

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