Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Need to Watch More Foreign Films

I finally got around to watching Amelie tonight--the famous French movie about an introverted, highly imaginative young woman in Paris. Audrey Tatou is gorgeous--very Audrey Hepburn. And Mathieu Kassovitz is lovely in the role of her equally quirky and lonely love interest.

It was a cute movie--very strange, but filled with wonderful images. I can see why it was so popular when it first came out.

More importantly, it reminded me that I'm woefully behind in my foreign films. I'll watch just about anything that comes out of England, but aside from "Life is Beautiful," I've pretty much ignored the rest of Europe. I'll have to rectify this.


The Not-so-Spotless Mind said...

La Vie en Rose was another one I discovered recently that is amazing. Sad and disturbing but amazing!!
I love Amelie. The French language is so beautiful I just don't think that the same story would have worked quite as well as in English!

Kristine said...

Some that we have enjoyed:
The Way Home (Korean)
Together (Chinese)
Traveling Alone for Thousands of Miles (Japanese)
Ushpizin (Israeli)

Tom wants to see:
Song of Sparrows (Iranian)
Paradise Now (Palestinian?)

I guess not a whole lot European there. ;)

We watched Persepolis (French). Um, Tom was glad to have missed some. Very much adult material - just happens to be more of a cartoon style.

We watched The Seventh Seal (Swedish). Interesting, but slow. Not sure we got all of it. If you watch it, do the original language and subtitles. That's our preferred way for almost all foreign films.