Saturday, October 03, 2009

Air Show

Dad and I went to a small air show at Lincoln Airport this morning. It was quite interesting. I'm fascinated by flying and airplanes, and often think it is somewhat miraculous that in just a tick over 100 years, we've gone from the Wright Brothers' creation on a beach in North Carolina to 747s capable of transporting hundreds of people from San Francisco to London in under 10 hours.

Anyway, I was trying out my new Nikon, and I'm pleased with the quality of the pictures.


Daniela said...

The banana airplane cracks my shit up, seriously. The pictures are looking very good, so I'm glad your new toy is working out! Air shows are not my favorite thing ever, but airplanes are incredibly fascinating to behold.

Meg said...

The "Top Banana" belongs to Julie Clark, a female stunt pilot. Very cool!