Friday, December 05, 2008

Total Knee Replacement

As you may have gathered from my stressed-out blog last night, Daddy had a total knee replacement yesterday.

Per Mom:

Doug had knee surgery today - a total right knee replacement and I am pleased to report that he is doing very well. The doctor told me all went well and he should be "nearly new" within six to eight weeks. Certainly much better than he was before!

The nurses will get him up tonight for a "trial walk" to get the joint moving. Can you believe it? I like to think of us as old Chevy's whose parts are breaking or, god forbid, falling off! Old age is definitely NOT for sissy's!

Take care and hope to see or hear from you over the holidays.
Love from Sue

Today, he started physical therapy, and the doctor was very pleased with how he's doing. He'll be home Sunday--or maybe tomorrow, if things go well. I know he'll be glad to get back to his own bed, his own recliner, his own TV. And I know Mom will be glad to have him home.

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