Monday, December 15, 2008

Millie Update

I just called the hospital. The vet won't be in until 9:00 (so I'll be calling during my prep!), but the technician said she appears to be resting comfortably, still on her IV and antibiotics.

I told the tech, "I'm just a worried Mama!" He just laughed and said, "That's normal!"

I suppose it is.

Everyone, please keep your fingers (and paws!) crossed that my Millie-girl can come home today.


Heather said...

Well? Any news?

Meg said...

I visited her at 3:00, and she had a little bit of IV left to take. I'm going back at 6:00 to pick her up!!

She was so happy to see me. Apparently, she hasn't "spoken a word" all weekend but when she saw me, it was "Meow! Meow!!!"

Heather said...

Yeah! She's coming home. What's the long-term prognosis? Will she have to be on meds?