Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Tonight I finally got down to the big business of making my apartment a Winter Wonderland. Miz Minka laughed at my "Santa threw up in here" comment last week...and now she will see what it means.

While I decorated, I got in the mood by playing my DVD of Love Actually.

For starters, there's my English Village on top of the computer hutch. For years and years as a kid, I always enjoyed setting this up. A few years ago, Mom gave it to me, but until now, I haven't had a place to put it. This year, I made room.

It has lots of great little buildings, including a manor house, a castle, a church, a mill and windmill, and little shops. Some have thatched roofs.

Looking over my village is a darling Santa that I bought at the craft fair in Lincoln Hills, in between selling baked goods.

Then there is my Peace Tree--an idea I had after September 11th, and ressurected this year. I use red and blue ornaments, and I found a silver dove (bird of peace) at Target.

And, of course, there is a lot of Snoopy stuff in the apartment--starting with a small Santa Snoopy.

On the edge of the kitchen counter, I put a bowl of ornaments that Mom and Grandma made years ago, an apple candle (that makes the place smell GREAT) and a Peanuts ornament.

Over the weekend, I bought some cute ornaments at Target--silver and teal. I was going to put them in a glass bowl, but had a last-minute inspiration, so they ended up in martini glasses. Ornament Cocktails!

My Snoopy plush collection was bigger, but I sold a few Whitman's dolls on eBay (they weren't my favorites, and I wanted to tone it down a little). I'm still left with quite a few, though, and they are on my chair.

The large Woodstock doll is a new addition--I got him on clearance at Pier 39 in January, when I went to San Francisco with Katie, Leslie and Lisa (a fun day). The video is cute--but apologies, it's sideways!

On my "tea table" I put a Lennox teapot I found on eBay last year, a bell from Christmas 1978 (my first!) and a Nutcracker. The green doilie was made by my Grandma Bean.

My tree (the Cabbage Patch Kid will soon be joined by three others, as soon as the adorable outfits I bought on eBay--are you noticing a pattern, here?--arrive).

Even my London Shrine is getting in the spirit. The snowman as made by a piano student I had a few years ago--probably my favorite private music student ever. She was super-smart and just an all-around great kid. She made the ornament for me, and it's very special.

My camera batteries were running low, so I didn't get pictures of my London Tree tonight. That's for another day!

In the meantime, I'm pooped. Tomorrow night I'll tackle the lights in the window, which all fell down after I put them up. Gah!


Miz Minka said...

The little Christmas village is adorable! And oh, my, you do have a lot of Snoopy stuff... It's definitely looking like Christmas. Love the green doily, and especially the idea of the Peace tree. Umm, and you have a regular tree... and a London tree?? As in: Meg's Christmas Forest? ;P Santa won't have room to throw up! ;D LOL

Meg said...

It's a tree I have out year-round. I just put my English ornaments on it!