Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Diagnosis

The vet just called. Millie's blood test came back. She has pancreatitis. Apparently it's fairly common in cats and dogs, and depending on the severity, is either treatable or fatal.

They're going to keep Millie another night. She has been on IV since yesterday, and she threw up a couple of times in the night, and had bloody diarhea once. I suppose it's a good sign that she didn't throw up a lot more.

The doctor is going to keep her from eating for 24 hours, keep her on the IV, and give her an antibiotic. I can go see her tomorrow.

So now I'm researching pancreatitis and trying to stay calm. The calm part? Not so easy.

As I said to Mom and Dad, I can't control the outcome of this situation...all I can do is hope. It's funny--the receipt I got at the vet's office yesterday referred to Millie as "geriatric." I just don't see her that way. She's nine--not a baby by any stretch, but I've always just expected that she'll have a very long life. I still have hope for that. But I'm so scared right now, and I hate feeling so out-of-control.

Here is more information, in layman's terms.

I just spoke to the vet again. He is cautiously optimistic. I am choosing hope, positive thoughts, and prayer.

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