Sunday, November 30, 2008

Three Weeks 'Til Christmas Break (Woohoo!!)

...and what a three weeks they will be!

First, there's this week. I have to buy a bunch of packing stuff at Target (for eBay sales), some Christmas gifts, and I will be spending my free time decorating my apartment. I started getting everything out tonight. If I find it in me, I might put the tree up before I go to's only 6:45, after all.

For Chorale, there is normal rehearsal tomorrow night, a dress rehearsal on Thursday, and a concert on Friday.

I also need to drop some stuff off at Goodwill, find a good used book store (Miz Minka? Suggestions?), and take some old CDs to Rasputin music.

...And in there somewhere, there's work and gym time!

Next week, there will be no rest for the weary, as I have another two dress rehearsals, a regular Chorale rehearsals, and our final concert of this "semester." I also want to try to see two old friends, Jana and Jeff, who are visiting California from Louisiana. I haven't seen them in ages, and I'd love to meet their two children (the youngest was born on my birthday this year!).

On the 12th, my brother and his wife will be bringing their four kids to California from Idaho. I don't know what their plans are but I do hope to see them, at least briefly. Last time I saw them was back in January, at Grandma Cooper's funeral. If I see them, I can give them their Christmas presents in person, otherwise, it's off to the post office.

Speaking of the post office...if everything goes as I hope, I should be selling lots of stuff on eBay, which means plenty of post office trips. Last year I had a lot of business during the holidays--people are always looking for a good deal, and I have some good stuff, like brand-new posters from a poster club I got myself into (and now out of, as I was getting two posters every few weeks--way too many!), books, a few Snoopy gee-gaws (I'm streamlining my collection), Beanie Babies, and other random stuff.

Fortunately, I can buy the postage online, through PayPal. It saves so much time--all I have to do is drop the packages in the big bin--no lines!

There is also holiday baking. Colleagues are getting small loaves of bread in darling little oven-safe ceramic bread pans I found for $1 each at Michael's. There is also one pound of See's to pick up. A couple months ago, I got a gift certificate from a former student in Antioch in the mail. DV had forwarded it to me. I was tickled that he and his mom thought highly enough of me to send a gift. He was in my Concert Choir--my intermediate group and favorite group for their senses of humor and willingness to work with me.

The chocolate is going to the staff room at work--one pound of chocolate would be about 15 pounds on my hips!

So I should be bustling and busy. When I am at home, I'll be baking, decorating, and singing along with the holiday playlist on my iTunes. I have grand plans to watch some of my seasonal favorites, like Love Actually and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Be on the lookout for several holiday-related blog posts, and don't be surprised if I spontaneously break into song.

And if all goes as I hope it will, I might even have a mini-reunion of some old high school friends I haven't seen in a long time. Megan! Leah! Join Katie, Leslie, Lisa and I for dinner sometime! The four of us had a marvelous night out last night, talking for ages over a good dinner at Chili's, and laughing up a storm (they loved my kindergarten pants-wetting story).

This coming Sunday, Summer is coming for some scrapbooking, which is always a fun prospect. We inspire each other, and get a lot done.

So yes, it's busy time, but I love it. Bring it on! I can rest on Christmas Eve. In the mean time, I've got things to do.


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catsinger said...

...Meg...I have donated used LP's & books of all kinds to "Friends of the Library out on Hammer across from the fire station...they also take CD's & DVDs...the $ goes to the library...& their resale store is quite up scale...