Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Target,

I know I must look utterly ridiculous in my new pajamas. After all, most 30-year-old women go for something a little more mature than a red- and green-striped union suit. However, I am always in the market for comfy, warm pajamas, as I cannot abide having the heater on at night, and therefore rely on my sleepwear and my thick comforter (also bought at Target!) to keep me warm. And I can tell, already, that this union suit is going to do the job.

First off, the cuffs on the legs will keep them from riding up to my knees, ensuring that my calves will stay nice and toasty. And secondly, as I toss and turn (as I inevitably do), my top won't ride up under my back, but stay firmly connected to my bottoms. Awesome!

I bought this wonderful garment this afternoon, and let me tell ya, I'm ready to go back and buy a couple more. I might look like a plump Santa's elf, but I am a toasty, comfy, happy elf!


Meg of the Little Pink Blog

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