Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's That Time of Year...

Everyone knows I love this time of year. Fall, winter. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cold weather and rain are not the bane of my existence. I love sweaters, comfy blankets, and hot tea.

It's also that time of year in which my inner Santa comes out. Because I don't have a large family, and because my friends and I are pretty low-key on gift-giving, I am able to focus some of my time and money on charitable giving.

This year, I am focusing my energy on one of AdoptaPlatoon's annual campaigns, Stockings from Santa. The premise is simple. Sign up, get assigned a group of soldiers, and have fun filling stockings with whatever goodies you think the soldiers will enjoy.

I've just heard from the lady in charge of the campaign. I had asked if 10-15 soldiers was too small a number, and she replied that no number is too small. I figure 10-15 is what I can afford to do, and make nice stockings for the men and women I am assigned to.

I am fully prepared to undertake this endeavor on my own; however, if anyone wants to contribute a box of candy canes, some chocolate Santas, or travel-sized toiletries (I find that soldiers love Gold Bond foot powder, baby wipes, and Chapstick), please let me know. Whatever you think of the situation in the Middle East, no one will deny that the men and women of our country's armed forces deserve to have a nice Christmas just as much as the rest of us.

In addition to the stocking stuffers, I'm going to ask my boss if I can have my 7th and 8th grade students make cards to send along, as well. I think this is a project that my students would buy into. Some of them may have family members serving.

The deadline to mail the stockings is December 3rd. I'll be collecting bits and bobs right away.


Miz Minka said...

The soldiers are going to love getting cards from the kids.

What a great Christmas project!

Laura said...

Meg.. it is so great what you're doing for the soldiers. The world needs more people like you. :)

I love Fall, too.. and Halloween is awesome. I just enjoy all the great spooky movies and shows that are on TV this time of year. hehe. Fall has always been my favorite season.. Spring is messy where I live, Summer is too hot, and Winter brings too much snow! Fall is perfect. :)