Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ahhh, Saturday

What a busy day it was!

I woke up somewhat early (for a Saturday) and got going on some eBay stuff. I've been selling a lot of things, like books I won't read again, and even a few Snoopy items. My collection has gotten out of hand and needed a little bit of culling. Especially as, over the years, I've had a tendency to buy anything Snoopy that I spot. I'm getting better about this!

After that, I spent some time cleaning the apartment. The bathroom had started looking a little suspect in the last few days, so a good scrub was in order. Of course, the litter boxes needed attention (those girls eat, and they also potty), and the hole place needed a good vacuuming. I find vacuuming very satisfying, so it's not something I mind doing.

After that, I finally showered around 2:30 this afternoon, then headed out to the post office and Safeway. My evening has been relatively lazy, though now I'm going to list a few more items for sale this evening. The money I earn through eBay is going straight to my "England or Bust!" fund. I'm at about $140 in profit at the moment, so it's a good start.

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Miz Minka said...

Nothing like a good vacuumin' to get the weekend off to a good start! :) Saturday's my favorite day of the week.