Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Children's Songs

Seeing as how I spend quite a bit of time these days singing childrens songs and playing music games, I thought it would be fun to update my blog readers with recent events, as they pertain to children's songs and stories.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...Who Died in My Shower

Alas, this itsy-bitsy spider did not climb up the spout again...because it was washed down the drain of my shower.

I was in the middle of washing my hair yesterday when I noticed a small spider on the floor of my shower, at the end that remains relatively dry. Under normal circumstances I would immediately grab my "telephone" shower nozzle and wash that little spider right down the drain, curling up my toes to keep said spider from washing over them.

But yesterday, I was a victim to PMS. I wanted to save a life, not end it. When the stupid arachnid started creeping closer to the water, instead of away from it, it got caught. I gently toed the water in a direction away from the drain, watching the spider struggle and regain its footing--only to come BACK towards the running water!

I tried for a good few minutes to keep that spider from its death, but finally, it was too far gone, and I had to watch it take a ride down the bathtub and into the drain. Here's the kicker--I felt horrible! I almost cried.

Some months Auntie Flo is nice...and others, she's a hurricane. There are high winds in my apartment this week.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Today, I had a couple of first grade classes come to my room for music. One class had a sub, a man I saw was quite tall.

The class went very well, and after 30 minutes, the sub came back to collect his wee charges--twenty 6-year-olds hyped up from a rousing, almost endless, game of "Punchinello the Clown," a song which will be stuck in my head for at least another week--as I lined them up at the door. One of the little girls walked up to me, and in the loudest stage whisper ever, said, "Our sub...he's HUGE!!!" I let out a puff of laughter, got control of myself, and said, "Why yes, he certainly is tall."

After school, I saw the giant in the office and told him what had happened. He just laughed and ruefully replied, "I think some of them were scared of me."

Dude, use it to your advantage.

Hokey Pokey (Snore)

Yesterday, I had three--count 'em, three--2nd grade classes in my room at the same time for music (scheduling difficulties forced me to do it this way). One class had a sub. The sub fell asleep. While sixty (three classes, times 20 kids per class) 2nd graders sang the Hokey Pokey!

There are no words.

Looby Loo Loogie

I was walking to the garbage can during my 6th period class today (7th/8th grades) when I looked down to see a puddle of SPIT on the floor.

My eyes crossed.

Steam came out of my ears.

My stomach rolled.

The kids were starting at me while I stood there for whole minutes, staring at the floor. Finally, one kid got up, looked down, and yelled, "Eww!! Miss Cooper, you spit on the floor!!"

"Sit. Down," was my growl in reply.

Needless to say, no one was going to admit to spitting on the floor of my classroom, no one was going to "snitch," and certainly no one was going to clean it up. So I called the office. The assistant principal arrived shortly and we got down to finding out "whodunnit." We used anonymous notes from each kid. We got about 18 "I don't knows" and one name.

It was the kid who jumped up and yelled, "Eww!! Miss Cooper, you spit on the floor!!" He denied it, but he didn't get out of getting a paper towel and some soap to clean it up.


If You're Happy and You Know It

I have two more days, and then a lovely, two-week fall break. I plan on catching up with lesson plans, doing a deep cleaning of my apartment, and listing a bunch of stuff on eBay. I'm also getting my hair did (in Antioch--a good hairdresser is worth driving for!) and contemplating a day trip or two.

Mostly, though, I'll be relaxing with Millie and the cats formerly known as the Kindergatos. Mom and Dad are going on a three-week Meditterannean cruise, so I'm babysitting. : )

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