Monday, September 01, 2008

Horses, of Courses!

And many other animals, too...

Mom and I went to A Chance for Bliss today (see my links to the right --->) to groom the horses, donkey and goats. Mom goes every other Monday; I tag along when I'm in town. We took a large supply of apples and carrots, and for a few brief moments, we were the most popular mammals in the paddock. Then we ran out, alas.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the geese (and one lone duck), who promptly told us off for invading their territory.

Mom had the bag of goodies, and the horses were all over her:

Daisy (foreground) and Big Cloud grazing. Big Cloud gets downright panicked if his girlfriend Daisy isn't around.

Dolly (I had the song "Hello Dolly" stuck in my head for a while after grooming her)

A shy sheep:

More games of Duck, Duck, Goose:

I groomed this little cutie, and then he followed me around the paddock. I swear he's smiling in this picture!

On our way to the other paddock, we stopped to feed the two resident bunnies.

Mom grooming Handsome the pony (P.S. Mom had cataract surgery last week, hence the special glasses):

I Like Spike!

Here's a video of Mom getting bombarded by Handsome, Dusty, Star, and other members of that paddock looking for carrots and apples (my new nickname for Handsome is Greedy Gut).


Me with Big Cloud (it's windy today...can you tell?)

Mom with Big Cloud and Dolly (these are great because they showcase just how uncooperative horses can be when you're photographing them!)

Happy Goat : )

One last shot of the geese and duck:

1 comment:

A Chance for Bliss said...

What a wonderful surprise! I am only sorry Guy and I weren't here to see you. I always enjoy seeing the kids through other peoples' eyes. Your pics also illustrate why I take about 200 photos to get a dozen that I like! They don't cooperate much, huh?

Thank you and your delightful Mom for caring for these kids. It makes our hearts sing.

I hope to see you soon, Megan. Big hugs and lickery kisses!